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              Shepherd Faculty-led programs
Spring 2017:  

Summer 2017: 

Summer 2017:

Summer 2017:
Multi-Country Europe: Art  Dr. Coltrin (May 14 - June 13)

Summer 2017:      
Contemporary Sculpture in Scandinavia  Christian Benefiel (May 10 - June 21)    

Summer 2017: 
International Community Service Learning in Puebla, Mexico  Amy Garzón Hampton (June 12 - June 23)

Summer 2017:
Ecology, Geology & Cultural Significance of the Greater Yellowstone Jeff Groff & Steve Shaffer (July 18 - 27)  

Travel Photo Contest Winners 2016     

Alyson Hehr, First Place, Unexpected Moment

While in Chamonix, France, we rode up to the top of Mt. Blanc, the tallest mountain in Europe. Everywhere we looked there were long stretches of mountains. The day was so clear that we could see for miles. As we were leaving, our professors told us that they had never seen it so clear, usually clouds roll in and cover the tips. The fact that we saw so far was definitely unexpected.

Jenna Sterner, First Place, Wow

This image is from the beautiful Geothermal Valley in Rotorua, New Zealand. The steam from the geysers combined with the ferns and other foliage make it almost look like you’re on an entirely different planet.

Jenna Sterner, First Place, Familiar In The Unfamiliar

During our time in Australia, we took a trip about two outside of Sydney to the Blue Mountains region. I had assumed Australia was all deserts and beaches, so I was surprised when we arrived in the cold, wet, and mountains to go hiking. It was absolutely breathtaking from every  angle!

Elizabeth Camp, Second Place, Unexpected Moment

While were down at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, this woman walked up to us and wanted to show off her traditional clothing.  She also showed us a coin where a woman with same head wrap was on.

Sarah Swailes, Second Place, Wow

This was taken at Mungo Lake in Australia.  It used to be a lake, however, it has dried up thousands of years ago.  In the clay, aboriginal footprints have been solidified and date back to over 10,000 years ago!  We were walking alongside them making our own footprints in the sand.

Julia Athey, Second Place, Familiar In The Unfamiliar

Recognize this ceiling?  You should if you're a Harry Potter fan!  This is Gloucester Cathedral in England, where they filmed scenes from the first two movies.  So, take a nice long look and then go watch the movies again, trust me, you'll notice.

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