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Welcome family members!


It is quite something to send your student abroad. You may have concerns as well as enthusiasm for this venture. We believe study abroad can be a life changing event. Learning a new culture, a language, in addition to academic work will enrich you student’s life and provide experiences that may help in future pursuits. You will probably find your returning student to be more mature, flexible, independent, and have a greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures as well as a better idea of what it means to be an American.

 While abroad you and your student should keep up with world news. Visit the Department of State website for travel warnings, health and safety issues and more.

Decide how you want to keep in contact with your student when she/he is abroad. You may use a combination of the following: skype, telephone, email, regular mail, fax, Facebook, and other forms of social media. We suggest you and your student work out the means of communication before his/her departure and try to establish a regular schedule for keeping in touch. As your student adjusts to life abroad, you may notice signs of "culture shock." This is normal phase as your student learns to live in a new culture.

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